Airflow technicians proved to be excellent specialists in appliance repair when it came to solving my water heater dilemma. They were able to identify the problem and fix it the same day - I had hot water and heating within hours of placing a service call. Just wanted to recommend this great company to all and share my story.
Liz S., Santa Monica

I would like to thank Airflow Appliance Repair for being quick, efficient and reasonably priced when it came to my washer repair. The technician was on time. He was polite, knowledgeable and courteous. The explanation of the problem was in terms I was able to understand. And the price of the repair was affordable. I would definitely recommend Airflow to all of my friends and co-workers!
Jennifer P., Los Angeles

I am the owner of the Karma Cafe, Mediterranean restaurant in North Orange county, more exactly Fullerton and I highly recommend Airflow Appliance Repair to service your commercial but also home appliances first hand. I have been using them for the past 6 years for my business but also for my home and I am very satisfied with the courtesy but also with the services and prices they provide. The service is prompt and they fix the problem right away if they can. If not, it may only take them one or two days to order the proper part and the next day the problem is fixed. They get in, they do the job and they get out. It's as simple as that. No trying to bargain with them or trying to find a better price. When I was looking for an appliance repair company to service my appliances 6 years back I made a few bad choices as those other companies left me standing for days and their bills were outrageous. Go with Airflow, that's my suggestion as a home owner but also as a business owner. They are the best in my opinion.
Gabriel S., Fullerton